Activity Update

After a long time of blog inactivity, I’ve decided to wrap up the time period and discuss what opportunities’ve arisen.

I’ve been busy with school and pretty much invested the time into learning new things. For example, I took some time to learn new programming practices that are simply more comfortable and also computer friendly in overall. All this was practiced on my personal Fusion3D project, which simply loads Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven game data and renders the city. This project however, is suspended for sake of greater on-going project that I am not supposed to discuss right now. I’ve also experimented with a new grammar for a yet specific language I’ve decided to make up, powered by Python, however it’s use is minimal, thus putting it on hiatus, due to other interests.

I’ve also joined the development team of Mafia 2 Online, to create a whole new unofficial multi-player experience for our favourite game called Mafia II. With the development of Mafia 2 Online, we’ve decided to build our very own all-in-one solution for handling multi-player networking in games. This is the framework I would like to talk about in the following paragraphs.

ReGuider Framework is supposed to help us quickly deploy multi-player/networking experience to a desktop app/game easily. This framework is based on the idea of KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) and that works out for us pretty well. The framework offers reliable networking solution for high-performance applications and games. It also offers feature-rich HTTP solution for file transfer or webrequests, opening a place for customisability. The framework is based around libuv library and keeps it simple by encouraging people to not over-engineer. Framework also gives you fully-featured streaming capabilities backed by optimized trees, embraces cache coherency and introduces an universal event system. All of this is being exposed to the Squirrel scripting back-end enriched by our very own Squirrel FDK.

So far, we experience steady progress and are excited for its usage. We already have plans for its use in our yet classified projects and we are really looking forward to getting to that point, when it’s worth sharing with you.

That’s it for today, I hope I’ll be able to report more frequently, because exciting stuff happens right now and sharing is always caring.

Written on March 31, 2017