Lost Heaven Status Report

This is the first status report for game project Lost Heaven. We’ll look into different aspects of development progress and dissasemble the ideas we’ve got for another updates.


We’ve decided the game to be using free-roam open-world model with missions located on game map, which differs from original Mafia, which separates game missions and free-roam. Missions will contain cutscenes which should mimmick Mafia’s style.

Multiplayer support will be available and would contain a few common game modes including Free for All or Capture the Flag modes. Scores will be saved on player’s account and we would provide rewards for ranking players.

Cooperative missions are considered as an idea for now, as we don’t know yet, how the game would behave like in later revisions, but we keep CO-OP in mind and might be implemented.

Mod support will be available and players would be able to create their own missions, re-skins or even total conversions.


Right now, we’re working on Mission Manager implementation, which follows us to Cutscene Manager and later on, the AI support.


Here are some screenshots from our current art collection:

Concrete material Early work on concrete material. (zaklaus)

Material under Unity Material rendered in Unity. (zaklaus)

Model comparison Remastered model on the left. Right side for comparison. (marrty)

TEST: Imported terrain Loading Mafia terrain for testing purposes. (marrty)


The work on Lost Heaven game project started on 1st June 2016 and the progress goes pretty well for us. The most time-consuming part is an actual city creation, which is task with the highest priority now. As for code, AI underlying mechanisms for the game are under development and our developers are also working on an actual skeleton for the game.

Stay tuned for more information!

Written on June 11, 2016