4coder Review

4coder is an awesome code editor made by Allen Webster (@AllenWebster4th) which focuses on low-level C/C++ programming. It offers semantic level code operations and is primarily used for editing code unlike the other text editors.

So far, I’ve managed to start up or load code files instantly, which itself is pretty awesome. There is a huge focus on speed and stability, which makes the whole editor perfect.

Customization is something I really like about this editor. From super! pledge and up, you have the ability to implement your own editor based on 4coder’s API. Let it be small keyboard shortcuts or even whole new semantic operations. 4coder reminds me Emacs a lot and since Emacs was my previous de facto editor I used for coding, 4coder is just suitable for me perfectly.

Here are some screenshots in action: hmn Official 4coder screenshot from Handmade website.

action This is how 4coder feels like.


4coder website.

Patreon Page: Patreon website.

I can only recommend it, this editor rocks and so can you!

Written on June 16, 2016